The Development Floating photovoltaic (FPV) systems

1. Introduction of FPV System   FPV systems are an rising and more and more aggressive utility of solar PV, in

Offshore & Marine Cables : 3 Steps To Help You Identify

1. Offshore & Marine Cables typeMarine cables are used for installation on ships and offshore platforms in applications inclu

Why Use TOFC Instead Of Bare Copper For Marine Grade Cables

Marine grade cables are not used for automotive audio systems and should normally be on the power cord or stereo on the

Three Type Of Marine Wire Cable

Marine cables are also called boat cables, and the quality requires marine-grade marine standards. Kuka Cable supplies a wide

The Three Type of Automotive Battery Cable

Automotive Battery Cable is available in incremental lengths with lugs. The three types of automotive battery cable include S

How To Distinguish Automotive SXL And GXL Wire

The main difference between GXL wire and SXL wire is their insulation thickness. SXL automotive wire has thicker insulation t