Spain's Naturgy plans 14 billion euros to invest renewable energy, ushering in new opportunities for

    Spanish power company Naturgy is planning to invest 14 billion euros between 2021 and 2025, mostly to boost its

KUKA CABLE renewed its efforts and successively won multiple photovoltaic projects

    KUKA CABLE has successively won a number of photovoltaic projects, including 300,000m solar PV cable in Pakista

Canadian customers ordered 100,000 meters of marine wire car auto cable from KUKA CABLE

      Recently, the demand for automotive cables in the US and Canada has risen, and KUKA CABLE has received o

Congratulations! The first Polish employee was hired, and a new sales network in the European market

      The first Polish employee joined KUKA CBALE yesterday, which also officially announced the completion of

Lebanese customer ordered $100,000 for solar cables in our live stream

      In recent years, overseas shopping festivals have grown rapidly, and KUKA CABLE has begun to explore mai

Factory price will be updated frequently due to soaring raw materials

      Due to the shortage of raw material supply c, wire raw materials have risen rapidly, PVC has increased b