Kuka Cable Held A Spanish Customer Case Sharing Session

On the afternoon of February 28,  Bill, the leader of the company, shared the successful experience of selling 11 cabinets in Spain. From the background investigation of customers, analyze the deep needs of customers and solve the pain points of customers.

This client had been importing PV wires from India before, but due to the booming PV market in Europe, the demand has increased. The customer's original supplier cannot meet the delivery date and needs to find a new supplier. Bill took the initiative to contact this customer, because during the Spring Festival, we not only sent samples of photovoltaic lines, but also sent free holiday gifts. They were pleasantly surprised that we had such service. After testing our samples, customers said that the quality is completely better than the products they used before. Before purchasing cables from India, the price was cheaper, but the quality was average. Taking this opportunity not only solved the delivery problem, but also completed the company's goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

At the beginning, the customer only planned to place an order for 7 cabinets. After further updating the quotation with the customer, the customer finally decided to place an order for 11 cabinets of solar cables for the first time. This is not only a recognition of the quality of our Kuka cable products, but also a great affirmation of our services.

We always believe that sincere service and excellent product quality are the best spokespersons of the brand.