KukaCable's trip to Europe: old customer camaraderie and fruitful orders

KukaCable's senior sales team traveled to Europe to visit repeat customers who have trusted and worked with them. The first stop was our Swedish partner, hans, which we have been working with for 10 years and have built up a very strong friendship.

Upon arrival at hans, the KukaCable team shook hands and exchanged pleasantries with the customer in the conference room. Together, they reviewed the past cooperation history and shared the new products and technological progress of solar cable in the past year. The customer appreciated KukaCable's innovative ability and service attitude, especially their flexibility to customize solutions according to the customer's needs.


Next, the KukaCable team presented the latest product samples at the conference, including cable solutions for photovoltaics, industry and more. Through vivid demonstrations and real-life application examples, they showed customers the competitive advantages of KukaCable's products in terms of quality and performance. hans expressed a high level of interest in these new products and expressed their willingness to cooperate further.

At the end of the meeting, both parties had an in-depth discussion on the specific cooperation plan. kukaCable team offered more flexible delivery time and more competitive price offer to strengthen the cooperation between both parties. In this friendly atmosphere, hans confirmed a new large order covering several projects and applications.

The KukaCable team then continued on to France, Italy and Spain to visit other regular customers. Each meeting was filled with enthusiasm and emotion, and both parties felt the long-lasting bond of cooperation. In each customer's office, the KukaCable team listened attentively to the customer's needs and feedback, and actively solved problems. This kind of sincerity and care made the customer's recognition of KukaCable deeper.

Throughout the trip to Europe, the KukaCable team not only achieved a wealth of orders, but more importantly, they solidified the emotional bond with their regular customers. By visiting them in person, KukaCable conveyed a "we are with you" attitude to their customers and made them feel that they are a trustworthy partner.

The trip to Europe was not only a business success for KukaCable, but also an affirmation of their long-held values. In the future, KukaCable will continue to maintain the spirit of innovation, adhere to the principle of customer first, continue to expand the international market, and provide customers around the world with better cable products and solutions.