Australia initiates a 600 MW/2.4 GWh bidding process

Victoria and South Australia announce tender for 600 MW/2.4 GWh energy storage project

Why are solar cables irradiated?

  The main reasons why photovoltaic cables need to be irradiated include improving electrical properties, ageing resistance, mechanical properties and reducing impurities and defects. The article also points out the potential problems and hazards of unirradiated cables, including unstable electrical properties, ageing ...

Scientists analyze seasonal performance of vertical solar systems

A new Finnish study shows that for rooftop solar power generation in the Arctic, the best tilt angle for rooftop systems is 28 degrees. The study also shows that vertical photovoltaic systems perform better in winter.

Liberia launches 15MW/10MWh Solar Project

The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) is searching for consultants to develop a 15MW/10MWh solar storage facility near Ro

Germany generates 1,200 MW of PV in July

Germany saw a record increase of 1200 megawatts in July‘s photovoltaic systems, driving strong expansion this year. By July 2

Walk with time and go forward. Happy birthday, KUKACABLE!

KuKACABLE celebrated its 11th anniversary, affirming itscommitment to innovation and sustainable energy. Founder Timthanked t