Customized Lawn Boundary Wire For Robotic Mower

Lawn Boundary Cable is the signal line buried within the lawn boundary line to guide the lawn mower. 1 Wire is usually made of tin-plated copper and tin-plated aluminum, with good flexibility. The insulation and sheath are made of high density polyethylene, which can effectively cope with the corrosion of the outside environment. 2 If a higher cable flexibility is required, the metal mesh around the wire can be customized to increase signal shielding and prevent rats and other animals from biting. 3. We can flexibly customize according to your needs.

Green Boundary Cable(图1)

Green Boundary Cable(图2)

Green Boundary Cable(图3)

Green Boundary Cable(图4)

Green Boundary Cable(图5)

Green Boundary Cable(图6)

Green Boundary Cable(图7)

Green Boundary Cable(图8)

Green Boundary Cable(图9)

Green Boundary Cable(图11)

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